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Rides & Games

BlastPass is your ticket to ride

Want to experience the thrills and fun of our carnival rides and games? Get yourself a BlastPass!

Thrill-seekers know there's nothing better than gliding through the air and challenging gravity in the Fair's Fun Zone! If you're a ride lover, it pays to purchase your BlastPass early. The earlier you buy, the more fun you get!

Buy from
April 22 - May 14
Buy from
May 15 - June 6
Buy from
June 7 - July 4
$100 50% More!
Get 120 Credits
25% More!
Get 100 Credits

Get 80 Credits
$50 50% More!
Get 60 Credits
25% More!
Get 50 Credits

Get 40 Credits
$20 50% More!
Get 24 Credits
25% More!
Get 20 Credits

Get 16 Credits
Ride Days
Save $4
Save $4


Wondering what rides will be coming to the Fair this year? Our ride listings include the number of credits per ride and other helpful information.

See the Rides
Online sales for Ride and Game Credits have concluded.
Please visit the Fun Zone or Kids Zone inside the Fair to purchase credits.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Fun Zone and Kids Zone hours?

Can I buy a BlastPass for rides and games before I get to the fair?

Why should I buy my BlastPass in advance?

I bought my BlastPass online. Where do I redeem them once I am at the fair?

Can I buy a BlastPass once I am inside the fair?

Where can my BlastPass be used?

Do the rides and games also take cash?

Are my unused digital credits good for the fair next year?

How much do BlastPass credits cost?

On average, how many credits does each ride or game take?

If I am required to ride with my child, do I need to also use digital credits to get on the ride?

I have a BlastPass; do I also need to buy an admission ticket to the Fair?

Will you offer a Fast Pass?

Are there rides for younger Fair goers?

Pepsi Pay-One-Price Wristbands

What days are Pay-One-Price Ride Days (unlimited rides until 8pm with the purchase of a Pay-One-Price wristband)?

May wristbands be pre-purchased online?

Are discount coupons for wristbands available this year?

Are the Pepsi Pay-One-Price discount coupons from 7-Eleven/Speedway only good for online purchases or may I use them at the ticket booths throughout the Fair?

Are wristbands good for the carnival games?

What are the Unlimited Rides Pay One Price Wristband dates and hours?

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