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The San Diego County Fair's Livestock program includes traditional breeding, market, and showmanship livestock competitions, as well as animals primarily bred for recreation or companionship. Viewing many of these animals
is a real treat for urban dwellers, and engaging with the exhibitors that raise and show them is informative, educational and inspiring.

Youth involved in 4-H, FFA and Grange programs spend countless hours raising and caring for their animals, learning valuable skills and exhibitng in a competitive arena for prize money, recognition for their acheivements, and a chance at college scholarships. The Fair's Junior Livestock Auction is one of the annual highlights of the Fair. It is the culmination of Market Week, during which exhibitors who are members of 4-H, FFA and Grange show their market animal project, hoping to win a coveted blue ribbon and participate in the auction. In each animal species (swine, goats, rabbits, chickens, turkeys, lamb, and beef) a Grand Champion and a Reserve Grand Champion are chosen — the best of the best. Only Blue Ribbon-animals are eligible for auction.

Visit the Chevrolet Livestock Barns to learn about raising and showing livestock, and witness first-hand the hard work and dedication of these animal-lovers.



Market Beef Ownership: Thursday, February 23
Market Beef Project Agreements,
Bill of Sale and DNA Post Marked:
Thursday, February 23
Market Sheep, Market Goat &
Market Hog Ownership:
Saturday, April 22
Market Sheep, Market Goat & Market Hog Project Agreements,
Bill of Sale and DNA Post Marked
Saturday, April 22
Online Livestock Entries Close:
Wednesday, May 18 at 11:59pm
Small Animal Ownership: Friday, May 19
Missing Entry Information Deadline:
Wednesday, May 24
YQCA Training Completion Form Deadline Wednesday, May 31
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4-H stands for Head, Heart, Hands and Health and is a non-profit youth organization that teaches leadership and life skills through extracurricular projects focused on citizenship, healthy living and science. Founded in the early 1900s, 4-H is now the nation’s largest youth development organization, reaching more than 6 million youth worldwide. Through the years the program has expanded beyond agriculture to serve rural, urban and suburban communities across the USA for youth 5-18 years old. Traditional 4-H attire is all white with a green scarf or tie. Awards and membership years embellish the green felt hat.
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Originally founded in 1928 as the Future Farmers of America, the National FFA Organization has expanded its focus beyond farming to include ag-related industries like science and education. FFA members range from 12-21 in age, with many members taking part through high school agriculture departments allowing for animals to be raised on campus under the guidance of the ag instructor who often attends the annual livestock show and action in support of students. FFA exhibitors wear navy blue corduroy jackets with their high school town embroidered as well as white pants.
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The National Grange was formed in the late 1800s and encourages families to work together with roots based in agriculture. Faith, hope, charity, and fidelity are the basic lessons within the program. The Junior Grange program is for children age 4-13, and Grange Youth is for members age 14-35. Meetings are held within the communities and they offer many programs for youth. Grange members wear blue jeans, a white shirt and their traditional red vest.
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