Village People

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Date: July 04, 2024
Time: 8:00 PM

the iconic band of y.m.c.a. fame

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Village People is one of the most iconic music groups in the world. Their music has become part of the international songbook. The group’s hits are featured in dozens of major motionpictures, on Broadway, in commercials and in “Village People Party” slot machines. Of course, Y.M.C.A (along with its dance) is played at almost every party, wedding, bar mitzvah, and sporting event in the universe.

It began in 1977 when producer Jacques Morali and his partner Henri Belolo, known collectively as Can’t Stop Productions, were recording a new album for their hit group the Ritchie Family, called African Queen and needed background singers. Horace Ott, the arranger/conductor who was working with them, suggested Victor Willis, a singer he was recording who also was performing in the Broadway musical The Wiz. After Willis completed background on the album, Morali approached him about another musical project he and Belolo were planning which turned out to be Village People.

After Willis exited in late 1979, several singers took over as lead singer of the group, including Ray Stephens, Miles Jaye and Raymond Simpson (who served the longest). The group went on to star in the 1980 movie Can’t Stop the Music. Over the years, various renditions of the group have consistently toured the world.

In 2017 Victor Willis returned to Village People as lead singer and revamped the group. Backed by a live band, Village People continues to thrill concert-goers around the world -- as they did back in the day.

In 2021 Y.M.C.A. was inducted into the US Library of Congress National Recording Registry. In 2022 Y.M.C.A. was inducted into the Grammy Hall of Fame. Also in 2022, Village People returned to the Billboard charts with top 10 and top 20 hits from their Christmas album titled Magical Christmas.
Village People
July 04, 2024 | 8:00 PM
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