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Photoshop Master File Creation & Workflow, Part 2

Date: June 14, 2024
Time: 5:30 PM - 6:30 PM



Discover the creative and procedural importance of a Master File for photographers, and its relationship to an effective Workflow, using the incredible power of Photoshop. In Part 2, we will take about 4 RAW files from some of my clients, and build Master Files from start to finish, including working with Layer Masks, and much more.

John Watts from Watts Digital Imaging in San Diego is a photographic post-processing specialist who’s been privileged over the last 40+ years to work in printing partnership with some of the world’s finest photographers, both professional and serious amateur. He has now taken that expertise and applied it to the world of Digital Imaging Education, particularly as it relates to

Photoshop, Digital Printing and Color Management for Photographers.

His seminars and Meetups are widely attended, and always fun and educational. John is also a frequent judge for many prestigious photo contests, including the San Diego County Fair’s Photo Exhibition and the Orange County Fair’s Photo Exhibition. Find out more about John and his products & services at:

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