San Diego County Fair

Pepsi logoPepsi Pay-One-Price Ride Days

Below is information on this popular promotion. Be sure to note all rules and regulations before you make your purchase.

Waveswinger rideBuy a wristband at the Fair at any of the Fun Zone or Kids Zone ticket booths for $35.00. You can buy wristbands noon to 6:00PM and use them until 8:00PM.

Or, buy your wristband voucher online before you come to the Fair. Redeem your voucher noon to 6:00PM at the Clock Tower or in Kids Zone.

Wristband allows unlimited access to Fun Zone and Kids Zone rides on one day (days and hours listed below).

Save an additional $5.00 on wristband purchase price with a discount coupon from a Pepsi product purchase at Albertsons | Vons. More info on this offer.

For a list of rides, including height requirements, please see the Rides and Games page.



2016 Pepsi Pay-One-Price Ride Days:
Unlimited Rides Until 8:00PM!

Pepsi Pay-One-Price Ride Days wristbands are valid only on dates listed below. This offer ends June 30.

Buy your wristband voucher online (and print it!) before you come to the Fair (a convenience fee is added to online purchase price). Or, you can buy your wristband at the Fair the same day.

Pay-One-Price Date
Voucher Exchange and Ticket Booth Hours
Where To Buy
Wednesday, June 29
Noon to 6:00PM
(You can ride until 8:00PM)
Online or at the Fair.
Buy your voucher

Thursday, June 30 Noon to 6:00PM
(You can ride until 8:00PM)
Online or at the Fair.
Buy your voucher

If you experience problems while purchasing the wristband voucher, please call Admit One Customer Service at (714) 442-3874, Monday through Friday, 7:00AM-5:00PM.



Save $5 with a Pepsi product purchase!

Albertsons|Vons logo

Head to Albertsons | Vons and, with your qualifying in-store Pepsi product purchase, you will save an additional $5.00 on the regular wristband purchase price of $35.00.

This discount is available starting May 25.

• Discount coupons for wristbands are available on qualifying purchases made between May 25 through June 30, 2016.
• Minimum $10.00 Pepsi product purchase required; only certain products are eligible; see store for details.
• Coupons automatically printed at checkout (when you have met the qualifying purchase).
• Use the promo code on the coupon if you buy your voucher online.
• Or, bring the coupon to the Fair on Wednesdays or Thursdays and use it when you buy your wristband.
• You will need one coupon for each wristband you buy.

Find the Albertsons store closest to you
Find the Vons store closest to you

• The nearest stores to the Fairgrounds are Vons at 2606 Del Mar Heights Road (one exit south of the Fairgrounds) and Vons at 931 Lomas Santa Fe Drive in Solana Beach (one exit north).



Game discounts

Enjoy $2.00 games on Wednesdays and Thursdays during Pepsi Pay-One-Price promotion hours.