San Diego County Fair
Guest Services  

Lost and Found

If you lose something at the Racetrack...

During the live Del Mar horse racing meet, the Lost and Found office phone number is 858-755-1141, ext. 3658.

If you lose something at the Fairgrounds...

If you have lost something while attending an event on the Fairgrounds (other than the Fair or the live horse racing meet), please call Fairgrounds Security, 858-755-1161, ext. 2802.

If you lose something at the San Diego County Fair...

Please call 858-794-1124. You must leave a voicemail message. Be sure to:
• Let us know if you have filed a Lost Item report, and if you did, tell us on what date and what the report number is. If we mailed you a card, let us know that and what you think we might have of yours.
Describe the lost item, using as much detail as you can, including the date you attended the Fair. (See examples below.)
Speak clearly. When you leave your name and phone number, speak slowly enough that we can write down your phone number. Spell your name if you think that will help us to find your records.

If you lost a cell phone, please include the phone brand (such as Samsung, iPhone, etc.) and the phone service (such as AT&T or Verizon), as well as any other information that will help identify your phone (such as distinctive case or custom decoration).

If you lost keys, please include information such as an approximate number of keys; whether they are car, home or office keys; whether there is a key ring decorative item, and if so, describe it; and other detailed information that will help us identify which set of lost keys are yours.

How to claim your item after the Fair has ended on July 5, 2015

You can visit the Fairgrounds July 7-10 to check for or claim a lost item. It is best to call ahead (858-794-1124) to be sure someone is available to help you. The Guest Services office will be closed on Monday, July 6, and it is scheduled to close for the season on Friday, July 10.

After July 10, you can still check for an item by calling the Guest Services number. Messages are checked periodically. Unclaimed items are kept after the Fair closes until about September 1, and are then donated to charity. We strongly recommend you check for your item by July 10.

Kid Find Armband
Get a Kid Find armband at any Information Booth.
lost cell phones
Write an adult's cell phone number and put the wristband on the child, with the phone number to the inside. If you and your child become separated, this makes it very easy and quick for Fair staff to reunite you.

If you become separated from your child during the Fair

Children who have become separated from their parents are brought to the Guest Services office, where they will have a quiet place to wait.

Parents are encouraged to carry a cell phone and take a picture of their child on arrival. Teach young children the number, or obtain a "Kid Find" wristband, which is available at the Information Booths and in Guest Services. Write the cell phone number (but not the child's name) on the inside of the wristband, where it is accessible to Fair personnel but not to the public. These wristbands may be worn by anyone of any age who is unable to remember a phone number.

Children who become separated from their parents should go to a uniformed Fair employee, or a Fair ambassador wearing a royal-blue shirt or jacket.