San Diego County Fair

Guest Services at the San Diego County Fair

During the San Diego County Fair in June and July, this section will have information on Guest Services, such as Lost and Found, Guest Service office locations, ATMs, Picnic Areas, and renting strollers, wheelchairs and lockers.



General Questions

For non-emergency questions, call the main Fairgrounds phone lines:

Guest Services: (858) 794-1124
Please note: The phone number above is not active year-round. Please call the Fairgrounds number from mid-July through the end of May.

Fairgrounds: (858) 755-1161
Recorded information: (858) 793-5555
Comment line: (858) 794-1104
Fax: (858) 755-7820 



Reporting lost items

Please see the Lost and Found page for information on reporting items believed to be lost at the Fair.



Medical Cast Waivers

All guests who wear orthopedic casts, body casts, plaster casts, or surgical casts are required to sign a waiver for rides. Guests under age 18 must have an adult present to sign the waiver. Waivers may be obtained in Guest Services or at the Concessions office on the third floor at the west end of the Grandstand.



Guest Services Office location

Fair guests needing special assistance with lost and found items, first aid, lost children or other needs should go to Guest Services on the first floor in the east end of the Grandstand, near the Fine Art exhibit.



Nursing mothers

Guest Services (first floor, East Grandstand) has a quiet room for nursing mothers, equipped with a high chair, changing table, and related amenities. Another area for nursing mothers is a white tent, equipped with a chair and changing table, near the restrooms in Family Funville (near the San Diego Pavilion).



Can I bring...

The Can I Bring... page will let you know our policies about pets, cameras, food and other things you may wish to bring with you.



Stroller, wheelchair, locker rentals

The Strollers, Wheelchairs, Lockers page has information about renting strollers, toddler wagons, lockers, wheelchairs and electric scooters.



No Smoking No VapingSmoking policy

The San Diego County Fair is a non-smoking and vapor-free event.



Questions about merchandise purchases

If you have questions or concerns regarding merchandise purchases made at the San Diego County Fair, please contact Heidi Benson at the Concessions Office, 858-792-4218, or