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Design In Wood

Open to woodworkers ages 18 years and older from around the world

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Thank you to our 2014 Design In Wood Donors

American Furniture Design Co.
American Woodworker
& Woodwork Magazine
Apollo Sprayers, Inc.
California Carvers Guild
Carolyn R. Beres Memorial Award
Fine Woodworking Magazine
Frost Hardwood Lumber Co.
Maritime Museum of San Diego
San Diego Fine
Woodworkers Association
San Diego Scroll Saw Club
Society of American Period
Furniture Makers
Urban Forest Design Company
Wood Magazine
Woodcraft Magazine
Woodworker West Magazine
Woodworker's Journal

Register for Design In Wood

You may enter this contest by online registration or by mailing in your completed entry form. Please download and read the Competition Information (below) prior to starting the registration process.

Enter Online (link)

Deadline for online entry registration is May 2. All entries must be submitted online by 11:59PM (PST) or postmarked by May 2.

Competition information

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General Information
Online Entry Instructions
Local Rules
State Rules


If you would like to receive reminders on deadlines and other entry information, please sign-up for the Del Mar Fairgrounds mailing list.


Please contact the Exhibits Office at 858-792-4207 or email Someone is available to assist you Monday-Friday from 9:00AM to 5:00PM