San Diego County Fair

Competitive Exhibits

Competitive Exhibits have been a tradition at fairs as long as fairs have existed. Earn a blue ribbon and in some cases, cash awards, for your creative efforts!

Fair visitors! Not only will you see some amazing arts and crafts during the Fair, many of those crafters will be here in person to demonstration how it's done. Entries are now closed in all departments, so click on your favorite exhibit to find out all the great things you can see and experience!

Exhibitors! We have left entry instructions online so you have information about when to deliver, when to pick up and any special events for exhibitors. You will find those instructions toward the bottom of the page. As results become available during the Fair, we will post them on the department pages.

Creative Youth
Competition results posted.

  Design In Wood
Competition results posted.
Fine Art
Competition results posted.

Competition results posted.
Garden Show
Competition results posted.

  Gems, Minerals & Jewelry
Competition results posted.
Home & Hobby
Competition results posted.

  Student Showcase
Competition results posted.
Homemade Wine
Competition results posted.

  Homebrew Competition
Competition results posted.
Livestock & Animals
Animals are judged throughout the Fair, so results in this department will be posted later in the Fair, or after.

  Flower Show
Competition results posted.
Best of K-6 Schools
All entries in this department receive a special Fair rosette ribbon for teachers to hang in their classrooms.

A Letter from Karen Ross, Secretary, CDFA

A letter of acknowledgement to the San Diego County Fair's Exhibits Department for "showcasing the many facets of the great agricultural community of California," from Karen Ross, Secretary of the California Department of Food and Agriculture.

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Please contact the Exhibits Office at 858-792-4207 or email Someone is available to assist you Monday-Friday from 9:00AM to 5:00PM