San Diego County Fair

Whole Life Festival

This is information from the 2016 San Diego County Fair.

Please check back next spring, when we will have information on this event for the 2017 Fair!


Saturday, July 2, 2016

Free with Fair admission


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smbullet Learn how to help the environment
smbullet Meet local farmers
smbullet Explore the eco-friendly marketplace, with products and services for mind, body & soul
smbullet Discover a wholistic approach to a healthy lifestyle
smbullet Listen to a guest speaker or watch a demonstration
smbullet Succulent Workshop: Create your own succulent planter in this free workshop, 11:00AM-3:00PM, with Charity Wings Art & Craft Center and Green Acres Nursery.
smbullet The Children's Garden: Explore this interactive and educational garden filled with activities including make-n-takes, ladybug releases, scavenger hunts, storybook time and guest presenters.
smbullet The Garden Bar and Wine Nook Exhibit: Taste award-winning wines from The Toast of the Coast Wine Competition and learn about our commercial and homemade wine competitions.

The Whole Life Festival is sponsored by San Diego County Ford Dealers and Think Blue.

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2016 Whole Life Festival Stage Schedule

Speaker presentations will be on the Flower & Garden Show Stage.


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Sound Healing Opening Ceremony
Guided Meditation; Sound Healing Ceremony

Christian Reynoso, Oneness For All


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Feng Shui For Health and Well-Being
Kathryn Holt, international consultant and speaker

During the enlightenment lecture you'll receive a variety of easy and inexpensive ideas to assist you in creating a beautiful home that will support your health and well-being in the years to come. Discover how your mindfulness regarding furniture placement, connection to the outdoors and subtle symbolism can be used most advantageously within your living space.

Kathryn Holt, international consultant, speaker, and writer of Feng Shui, has blended her knowledge of interior design and real estate with Feng Shui to provide a comprehensive yet contemporary approach to creating healthy, functional and beautiful environments. For more information, please visit:



Bhakti Yoga
Christian Reynoso, Oneness For All


Parage Arole photo


Meditation and Breathing Techniques
Parag Arole, Art of Living Foundation

Demonstration on how to control negative emotions and fill life with positivity using the most powerful tool given to us by nature – our breath. Demonstration will include breathing technique and guided meditation.


Alan Shein photo


Happier Mind, Happier Body, Happier World
Alan Shein, author, Guide To Happiness

Methods to achieving more peace and happiness.


Kirti Pingle photo


Ayurveda & Stress
Kirti Pingle, MD; Ayurveda Amirati

Kirti strives to bring Ayurveda, the ancient elixir of life to those seeking good health. Ayurveda can serve as a beacon of light for those who wish to maintain their health and also for those who aim to cure ailments. Hence it is a complete science that helps both, the healthy and the sick. Come join us to learn different ways to reduce stress.



Beginning Chakra Information
Dorothy Whitman, Dot Chakra

Simple, easy-to-understand explanation of the chakras and how to get more out of life by caring for them.



What Is CBD?
Jessica Davis, Edible Alchemy

What is CBD? Where does it come from? Why do people take it? Is it safe?



Stress Less: How Simple Tools Can Help Your Life
Jennie Olson Six and Vau Athens, UCSD

Incorporate simple daily practices that don't take up your time but release tension and stress from your life. Learn about integrative therapies and yoga practices that don't require a mat, yoga studio or a flexible body.

4:00PM & 5:00PM


Wine Tasting
San Diego County Vintners Association with Brooking Vineyards
Adults 21 and older; must purchase tasting glass for $5.00 at Wine Bar to participate


2016 Whole Life Festival Vendors and Exhibitors

Abundant Harvest Organics

Peggy L. Werner, Soul Wisdom & Guidance

Art of Living Foundation-San Diego Chapter

Permadontics Dental Implant

Arturo Yoga

Plant With Purpose

Attunement Shop

Reeds, Inc.

Aunt Be Botanicals

San Diego County Office of Education

Ayurveda Amritvani, Kirti Pingle


Body & Brain Yoga/Tai-chi

San Diego Botanical Gardens

California Coastal Commission

San Diego Zoo Global

CalState Solar

San Dieguito River Park

Cooking 4 Life, Inc.


David's Natural Toothpaste

So Cal Candle Co.

Dot Chakra

Sound Energy Healing (Life In Progress)

Edible Alchemy

Techni Art Inc.

The Awareness Center

Filtercon Technologies

True Healing & Wellness Institute

Healing Hands School of Holistic Health

West Star Publishing, A Guide To Happiness

I Love A Clean San Diego

Brandt Beef

Just Buddha, Inc.

De La Ranch

Let's Go Home

Hokto Kinoko Company

Lotion Lady

Pacific Shellfish

Fox Point Farms

San Diego Unified School District Food and Nutrition Services

Charity Wings

Green Acres Nursery



Farm To Table Dinner

Saturday, July 2, 2016, 4:30-7:00PM
In the Paul Ecke Jr. Garden Show

Enjoy a five-course meal, with ingredients sourced from local farmers, and paired with award winners from the Fair's beer and wine festivals.

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