San Diego County Fair
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Enviro Fair

Thank you to all the participants, sponsors, and attendees of the 15th Annual Enviro Fair and Locally-Grown Fest, held Saturday, June 21 in the San Diego County Fair's Paddock Area.

Prize Drawing Winners

Birch Aquarium Tickets
1. Zaira Joseph
2. Kim Bellino
3. Kitty Inouye
4. Mary O Herrera
5. Dan Bradley

Fab Fair Coffee Mugs
1. Kevin Doshier
2. Mia Reed
3. Sofia Urban
4. Kim Crisp
5. Yareli Munoz Jose

Sponsored by Albertsons/Sav-on, the San Diego County Ford Dealers and Think Blue, Enviro Fair stressed the importance of recycling, sustainable living, pollution prevention, conservation, and environmentally-friendly products. Non-profit organizations were on hand to illustrate ways Fairgoers could take better care of our world.

Think Blue

Fairgoers can learn firsthand about organic and sustainable farming. Buying locally grown produce picked at its peak is the healthiest way to eat fruits and vegetables, plus you can support the local economy at the same time. Chefs and farmers will partner to show you how to prepare some of this produce with free (limited) samples.

Returning this year are local farmers and their Community Supported Agriculture Programs, or CSAs.

For further information on Enviro Fair, please contact the Fairgrounds' Resource Conservation Office at 858-792-4298.