San Diego County Fair

Performance Contests

The San Diego County Fair has several performing contests, such as Battle of the Bands, Singer/Songwriter, Southern California's Best Dance Crew, In The Spotlight, and the Oratorical Competition.

Participants must pre-register for all of these contests. Please click the links below for details and registration information.

Battle of the Bands

Battle of the Bands is open to bands, members of which are ages 18 and older. Please see the Battle of the Bands page for more information.


Singer/Songwriter is open to singers and writers of original music, ages 18 and older. Singers may perform a writer's original music, or their own. Please see the Singer/Songwriter page for more information.

In The Spotlight

In The Spotlight is a singing contest for kids and teens aged 8-17. Please see the In The Spotlight page for more information.

Best Dance Crew

Professional and amateur dance groups of five or more are invited to participate in the competition. Each group will be judged on their technical skills, showmanship, creativity, rhythm and costume. Please see the Best Dance Crew page for more information.

Oratorical Contest

San Diego County students, from kindergarten through grade 12, perform an oration (not a song), which can be original material, a famous speech, a poem or a story. Please see the Creative Youth page for more information.