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Cook, bake, sing, dance or blow a bubble! The San Diego County Fair has a whole bunch of ways you can show off your talent and go home with a blue ribbon! Some of the Fairís contests require entry in advance, but for others, you can enter on the spot.


Performance Contests

The San Diego County Fair has several performing contests, such as Battle of the Bands, Southern California's Best Dance Crew, Singer-Songwriter, and Ultimate Triple Threat. Entry information is posted for in the links below.

Participants must pre-register for these contests.

Battle of the Bands

New to the San Diego County Fair is our Battle of the Bands Contest, a search for the best musical talent/group in the United States.

Southern California's Best Dance Crew

Professional and amateur dance groups of five or more are invited to participate in the competition. Each group will be judged on their technical skills, showmanship, creativity, rhythm and costume.


Singer-Songwriter is open to singers and writers of original music, ages 18 and older. Singers may perform another writer's original music, or their own.

Ultimate Triple Threat

Ultimate Triple Threat is open to youth and teens in three categories: dancing, acting, and singing, seeking the triple talented among us.

One-Day Contests

These are contests in which you participate during a day you attend the Fair. Some offer free Fair admission, others require pre-registration.
Creative Youth One-Day Contests
Home & Hobby One-Day Contests
Information on other one-day contests

Agricultural Contests

Is your zucchini the biggest in the neighborhood? Do you have a pet that could fit in your pocket? Click the link below to find out more about our agricultural contests.
Information on agricultural contests


Are you a professional interested in performing at the Fair? Look at the Perform at the Fair page for more information.


If you would like to receive reminders on deadlines and other entry information, please sign-up for the Del Mar Fairgrounds mailing list.