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Gospel Festival

The 10th Annual Gospel Festival is Saturday, June 28. As always, the festival will feature uplifting gospel artists, all day long, on five stages, ending with a Grandstand Stage performance in the evening.

2014's Grandstand headliner is Fred Hammond. The opening artist is Brent Jones. Approximately 25 additional artists will perform on four other stages throughout the day. The full five stage line-up of artists is coming soon in a convenient printable PDF. For Grandstand details, see the artist listing here.

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  • Bayview Gospel Dance Troupe june 29 046
  • Gospel_MaryMary
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  • Mary Mary Meet & Greet - NC June 29 001
  • Mary Mary Meet & Greet - NC June 29 003
  • Mary Mary Meet & Greet - NC June 29 005

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