San Diego County Fair
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Featured at the Fair

Just a few of the many delightful and ongoing performances, events, attractions, and other entertainment featured at the Fair, every day or intermittently.

Wild West Turkey Stampede

Back again is the very fun, funny and popular Turkey Stampede. Watch these crazy birds as they chase a radio-controlled truck filled with their feed, racing toward the finish line. You will laugh, but you also will learn a lot about turkeys! Find out more on the Turkey Stampede website, Every day at noon, 2:30PM and 5:00PM, on the Infield.

Dragon Knights

Also back is the amazing and beautiful Dragon Knights. This captivating combination of circus, theater, puppetry and magic will enthrall and delight you. Find out more on the Dragon Knights' website,
Infield, plus here and there.

Swifty Swine

These little porkers can really run! You'll get hooked on this delightful show, as cute little pigs race around the track in search of an Oreo cookie reward. Pick a favorite and cheer it to victory! A great Fair tradition; each day the seating in the bleachers is packed, and standing-room is filled to capacity. Be sure to arrive early if you want a good seat. Learn more at Daily near the Del Mar Arena, 11:30AM (11:00AM on weekends), 12:30PM, 2:30PM, 4:30PM, 6:30PM and 8:00PM.


Bandaloni is an amazing one-man band, combining this long-time tradition and infusing it with a modern makeover. Bandaloni's one-man band includes guitar, harmonica, a kick drum, high-hat, snare drum, tambourine, plus singing and even live harmonies — all performed at the same time! You can see more on Bandaloni's website Every day of the Fair.

Mark Yuzuik, Master Hypnotist

A popular audience-participation hypnotism show, entertaining crowds at the Fair for two decades, Mark Yuzuik was trained at the prestigious Hypnotism Training Institute in Glendale, California and achieved the coveted title of Master Hypnotist, awarded by the American Council of Hypnotist Examiners. Learn more at Yuzuik performs daily (typically on the Showcase Stage but may vary) at 5:00PM and 7:00PM. Stop Smoking Seminars: Thursdays, June 13, 20, and 27, 3:00PM-4:00PM in the Turf Club. Free with Fair admission. Showcase Stage, daily or Turf Club, Thursdays.

Rock-it Robot

ROCK-IT spontaneously talks with the crowds using his own brand of comedic humor. ROCK-IT has a comment about everything. He is truly a high stepping fellow with 48 inch strides. He will probably get to where he is going before you will. ROCK-IT is everyone's favorite dance partner. He moves fluidly on a dance floor with human-like dexterity and can shake, rattle and roll with the best of them. He has music selections from country, hip-hop, to pop and will do his own robo-boogie-get-down dancing. ROCK-IT is a bit of a romantic and loves to lip sync to vocals as he serenades and pantomimes to classic love ballads and opera. Every day, throughout the Fair.

Electronic Fridays

Electronic Fridays started out as a DJ Competition, but soon morphed into an Electronic Music concert series each Friday of the Fair. Local and National DJs perform with an occasional light show/video show. Well received, and a lot of fun!

Acoustic Friday

We showcase the Singer/Songwriters (?) of San Diego, Los Angeles, and Orange County.

Bluegrass Festival

We work with the San Diego Bluegrass Society to book one day of Bluegrass music, along with a Bluegrass music competition.

Butterfly Exhibit

This exhibit works with the USDA to bring in live butterflies for educational and entertainment purposes.

Fab Fun Stage

This stage was booked with Calamity Jo's Magic Show, Terry Godfrey – Magician, and Reigler's Amazing Birds. It is a great family entertainment stage.

Ag-Venture Land

This is an interactive exhibit for small kids. It teaches them roping, milking a cow, how to make rope, etc. This exhibit is always busy!

Giant Games

This is an area of the Infield we booked to promote family activities. The giant games include a chess set, checkers game, tick-tac-toe, pick-up sticks, Snakes and Ladders, hopscotch, cannonball drop, memory, backgammon and Scrabble. Free.

Horseshoes and Bocce Ball


Bangers and Mash

Bangers and Mash (aka Stu and Kazoo) are Fair favorites that change their costumes each year to reflect the Fair Theme. This year they will be their own Pirate Radio, broadcasting the hits of the '60s. Stu and Kazoo also assist with the On-The-Spot contests, acting as emcees.

Sy & Fy

The Fair's favorite Theme Performers, Stu and Kazoo, transform themselves every year. As Keystone Kops, movie producers, masked comic book heroes, chef/waiter or golfers, they come ready to lead the fun with whatever theme the Fair has. This year, for Out of This World, they will be Sy & Fy. Look for them on their themed bicycle cart for two! Every day, here and there.

Calamity Jo's Magic Show

The Queen of Cards and all things mystical and magical entertains fairgoers with a show that is both unique and highly amusing. Calamity Jo performs a comedy magic show, including card tricks, losing and finding children's shoes, and many more tricks that will delight kids of any age. Every day, Infield by the Tunnel; Safety Show at 11:30AM; Magic Show at 2:00 and 4:30PM

Doggies of the Wild West

Everyone loves Marshal Rowdy Yo and his adorable cast of Pooches from the Prairie, which balance on one paw, jump rope and high-dive! All doggies in the show are rescued from animal shelters and are lovingly trained by Gary Noel (Marshal Rowdy Yo).
Every day, Infield by the Tunnel; Noon, 2:30 and 6:00PM

Godfrey Comedy Magic Show

Terry Godfrey, a professional magician since 1982, has performed at the Fair for many years, and loves to entertain family audiences. Although he is based in San Diego, he performs more than 300 shows each year all over the United States. He has won many magicians' awards, including the "funniest magician" from the International Brotherhood of Magicians. Every day, Infield by the Tunnel; 1:00PM, 3:30PM, 5:00PM

Tom Griesgraber

The mellow, melodious sounds of Tom Griesgraber's Chapman Stick have been a Fair staple for many years. Tom is one of very few people who have mastered this unusual instrument. He plays at the Fair by himself, with Agent 22 (Ryan Moran and Tom) and with Bert Lams. So when you want to relax at the Fair, this is the music that will help you do that. Tom Griesgraber: Every Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday, 5:00-8:00PM, Flower Show Stage, plus other times and locations (check the Daily Schedules) Tom Griesgraber and Bert Lams: June 15, June 16, June 18 & June 19, various times and locations (check the Daily Schedules) Agent 22: June 10, June 11, June 12, June 25, June 26 & June 30, various times and locations (check the Daily Schedules)

Swingin' Hasslers

Bart Hazlett's Swingin' Hasslers Jazz Band started playing for the patrons of the San Diego County Fair in 1953. Here they are 58 years later, still pumping out America's favorite music — Dixieland Jazz — to welcome Fairgoers as they enter the O'Brien Gate. The world has changed in many ways since the Hasslers made their debut, but they still set the happy welcoming tone for every year's Fair, and they hope to continue this tradition at long as they can! Fridays & Saturdays and July 3 & 4, Noon-2:30PM,
O'Brien Stage

Circle City Sidewalk Stompers

The Stompers hail from Indianapolis, and have been performing since 1976. This colorful brass band's high-energy, choreographed show engages the crowd with a mix of popular tunes including classic rock, jazz, big band swing and country favorites. The Stompers have played at fairs throughout the U.S., at Indianapolis Colts and Indiana Pacers games, the prestigious Great American Brass Band Festival and the Shanghai International Music Festival. Here, they are a huge favorite, popping up all over the Fairgrounds, and leading the Hometown Heroes parade from the Infield to the Grandstand on July 4. Learn more at June 22-27 and June 29-July 4, here and there

The Jackstraws

Join the Jackstraws "Surf" Band each morning as you and your family arrive at the O'Brien Gate when it opens. The Jackstraws have been our "welcome-to-the-Fair" band for many years. These talented musicians set the mood for a fun day, as they play songs specifically designed to get your feet tapping. The fun is contagious! The Jackstraws are a costumed/themed musical ensemble with a touch of the Vaudevillian. Dressed in a variety of costumes, they also perform at the San Diego Zoo, the San Diego Zoo Safari Park (formerly the Wild Animal Park), Seaport Village and Sea World.
Every day, 10:00AM weekdays, 11:00AM weekends, O'Brien Stage

Stop Smoking Seminars

The Stop Smoking Seminars are performed by our resident hypnotist, Mark Yuzuik. These seminars are held once a week in the Turf Club of the Grandstand. Mark uses hypnotism to assist and educate the public in making the decisions to stop smoking.

Magic Camp

Magic Camp is in its fourth year, and still growing in popularity. A real Magician teaches simple magic tricks to kids 12 and under, with each taking home their very own magic trick supplies.