San Diego County Fair
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RidesRides and Games

It's just not the San Diego County Fair without rides and games! The Fun Zone has many exciting rides, as does Kiddieland, and you'll find nearly 50 different types of games of skill in the Fun Zone and 20 games of skill in Kiddieland. And don't miss out on the Thrill Rides!



Day Kiddieland Fun Zone
Note: Grounds close about one hour after gates close; Kiddieland closes about one hour before Fun Zone
Tuesdays Noon-10:00PM Noon-11:00PM
Noon-10:00PM Noon-11:00PM
Thursdays Noon-10:00PM Noon-11:00PM
Fridays Noon-11:00PM Noon-midnight
Saturdays 11:00AM-11:00PM 11:00AM-midnight
Sundays 11:00AM-10:00PM 11:00AM-11:00PM
Monday, July 1 Noon-10:00PM Noon-11:00PM
Tuesday, July 2 11:00AM-11:00PM Noon-midnight
Wednesday, July 3 11:00AM-midnight 11:00AM-midnight
Thursday, July 4 11:00AM-midnight 11:00AM-midnight
Closing times are approximate.

Despicable Me 2

Ride coupon prices

At Fair ride coupon booths: Single ride coupon, .75¢; 28 coupons, $20 (.71¢ ea.); 72 coupons, $50 (.69¢ ea.). Most rides require 3-6 coupons; some of the more thrilling rides require up to 10 coupons. For Thrill Rides and elephant and pony rides, the rider pays directly.

Ways to save

Admission and Ride Packages

Online or by phone through Ticketmaster, you can buy admission-and-ride ticket packages that will save you up to 40-percent. See Admission-Ride Packages in the Tickets & Promotions section for details.

If you would like to save on games, check out the Best Pass Ever for information and the purchase of game coupon sheets.

Pepsi logoPepsi Pay-One-Price Ride Day

Want to ride as much as you want for just one price? Pepsi Pay-One-Price Ride Day is every Wed. and Thu. in June!

Try Your Luck For A Buck

On Wednesdays and Thursdays (through June 28), you can play midway games for $1 per play between noon and 8:00PM. If you'd like to save on other days, buy game coupon sheets. See the Best Pass Ever page for information and purchase.


Family Feud Fun!

Family Feud Live!Survey says: you and yours are invited to the Infield for a live (non-televised) version of Family Feud. The popular game show is held daily at 1:00, 3:00, and 5:00PM. Celebrity hosts abound as the audience plays along for prizes. Top answer is: don't miss out!


Footwear: Some rides require that riders be wearing closed-toe and closed-heel shoes, such as sneakers. On other rides, riders will need to remove shoes not secured by a strap.

Fun Zone Rides

Fun Zone is located on the west side of the Fairgrounds. For children who do not meet the height requirements for these rides, we have rides just their size in Kiddieland.
Ride Coupons Height restrictions
Air Max 6 48" to ride alone
Alien Abduction 5 48" to ride alone
Alpine Bobs 5 48" to ride alone
Big Bamboo 5  
Carousel 4 42" to ride alone
Cliff Hanger 5 48" to ride alone
Crazy Mouse 6 45" to ride; 55" to ride alone
Creep Show 5 36"
Dodge'em (bumper cars) 6 42" to ride; 50" to drive
Drop Zone 3 42" to ride alone
Evolution 6 52"
Fast Trax (slide) 5 42" alone; smaller okay with an adult
Flying Dutchman 6 48" to ride alone
German Fun House 5 42" to ride alone; no restrictions with adult
G Force 6 48"
Grand Wheel 6 54" to ride alone; no restrictions with adult
Hard Rock 5  
Haunted Mansion 5 May be scary for very young kids
Magnum 6 55"
Mega Drop 6 54"
MetroMaze (Mirror Maze) 4 none
Moscow Circus 5 42"
Olympic Bobs 6 54" to ride
Pharaoh's Fury 5 48"
Sky Flyer 6 48" to ride alone
42" to ride with an adult
Speed 10 56" minimum height; 73" maximum height
SR-2 Simulator 4  
Storm 5 48"
Surf Shack 4 42"
Tango 6 54"
Techno Jump 4 48" alone; 42" to ride with an adult
Tilt a Whirl 4 48" to ride alone; 42" to ride with an adult
Wave 6 36" to ride with an adult
Wave Swinger 6 48"
Wild River 6 42"
Wind Surf 6 52"
Zero Gravity 4 42"
Zipper 6 48"
Zombie 4 36" alone

Thrill Rides and Other Attractions

Ride Cost Notes
High Fly'N Zip Line (Infield) $20 per person Zip line riders must be between 30 and 250 lbs. Under age 18 require a release signed by a parent or guardian. Release form here.
(Avenue of the Palms)
$40 per person Jumpers must be between 80 and 300 lbs. Under age 18 require a release signed by a parent or guardian.
Sling Shot (near Del Mar Arena) $30 per single rider; $55 for two people Riders must be at least 48" tall.
Rock Climbing Wall
(Fun Zone)
$5 per person  
Turbo Jump (Infield) $7 per person  
Have Trunk Will Travel
$10 per person  
Happy Day Pony Ride $7 per child  
Sky Ride 4 coupons 48" to ride alone

Kiddieland Rides

Kiddieland is located in the east end of the Infield. For some rides, children must ride alone (without an adult); on others, adults may ride. Height and weight restrictions offered as a guideline for parents of toddlers.
Ride Coupons Height restrictions
Kiddie Wheel 3 36" minimum; 48" maximum
Baby Venice 3 52" maximum
Balloon 3 36"
Beach Party 4 42" to ride alone; 36" with paid adult
Bees 3 36"
Carousel 3 42"
Century Wheel 5 42" to ride alone; 36" to ride with adult
Convoy 4 36"
Cyclone 4 48"
Daytona Truck 4  
Dive Bomber 4 36"
Drop Zone 3 42"
Dune Buggy Jump 3 36"
Goliath Slide 3 36"
Groovy Bus 3 39" to ride alone
Helicopter 3 36" to ride alone; no restriction if accompanied by adult
Incredible Coaster 3 42" to ride alone; 36" if accompanied by adult
Jumping Jumbos 3 42" to ride alone; 36" if accompanied by adult
Kiddie Bumper Boats 4 36"
Kiddie Swing 3 30" minimum; 40" maximum
Kite Flyer 4 42" to ride alone; 36" if accompanied by adult
Little Dipper 4 36" to ride alone
Lolliswings 3 42"
Monkey Maze 4 42"
Mini Bumper Cars 4 36"
Motorcycle Jump 4 36"
Oh Chute (big slide) 4 42"
Quadzilla 4 42" to ride alone
Raiders 4 36" to ride alone
River Ride 4 48" maximum
Safari Train 3 36"
Silver Streak 4 42" to ride alone; 36" if accompanied by adult
Speedway 3 36"
Spider Mania 3 36"
Tea Cups 3 36"
Thomas the Train 3 36" to ride alone
Wacky Worm 4 36" with adult; 42" alone
Winky the Whale 4 36"