San Diego County Fair
Attractions & Exhibits  

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Rides, games, food,
animals, exhibits and more!

All the things you love about the San Diego County Fair — rides, animals, food and exhibits — are here.

Featured Attractions

Just a few of the many delightful and ongoing performances, events, attractions, and other entertainment featured at the Fair, every day or intermittently. More...

Competitive Exhibits

Participation in the San Diego County Fair through Competitive Exhibits is a tradition that is truly the heart of the Fair. More...


The San Diego County Fair just wouldn't be the same without animals. You can see animals on display, farm equipment, popular shows. More...

Rides and Games

It's just not the Fair without rides and games, and the San Diego County Fair has the best! More...

Food and Drink

One of the main reasons people visit the San Diego County Fair is not only for traditional "Fair fare," but also for upscale dining and food events.

Temporary Attractions

Meet up with these special commercial visitors to the San Diego County Fair. Some are here for just one or two days, or over a limited schedule, so don't miss out!


You can find all sorts of products here that you just won't find in stores. We have all sorts of "shopper-tunities" for fairgoers.

School Programs

Whether you would like to enter an exhibit, apply for a scholarship, or participate in a school program, there are many ways for students, educators, and schools to be a part of the Fair! More...

Family Funville (formerly called The Infield)

Rides, games, contests, exhibits, entertainment — all with an emphasis on kids and activities the whole family will enjoy. So much is happening here that we need two pages to tell you all about it!
Family Funville Things to Do — entertainment, rides and games, contests
Family Funville Things to See — exhibits, The New Farm at Family Funville, San Diego Pavilion

Surfside Race Place

Located on the northeast corner of the Fairgrounds, an off-track wagering facility that features thoroughbred racing from major racetracks around the country and operates every day the Fair is open, except Tuesdays. Surfside also is the location of some great exhibits during the Fair. More...

Car Shows

Some of the coolest cars ever made — woodies, muscle cars and hot rods — will be displayed every day just inside the Arena Gate. More...