San Diego County Fair

Family Funville Things to Do!

Family Funville logoThe San Diego County Fair has a special place for family fun — Family Funville, located in the racetrack infield. The emphasis here is on kids and activities the whole family will enjoy.

Most activities in this area are open all day until 9:00PM; exceptions are noted.

Family Funville has so much to see and do that we need two pages to explain it all. This page has information on entertainment, contests and the Kids Zone ride area; click for information on Family Funville exhibits (Creative Youth, Best of K-6 Schools, World of Horses and The Farm at Family Funville.)



NEW Family Funville Activities

The Queen of HeartsNEW! The Queen of Hearts Croquet Court & Contest Area – Join the Queen and her Card Friends in a round of flamingo croquet, or participate in the 3 O'Clock Fun sack race or hula hoop contest. Take your photo with the Queen and other Fair characters in the mascot meet-and-greet, or join in on the Queen's parade. Wear your favorite costume inspired by Steampunk and Alice's Adventures in Wonderland!

Daily Schedule:
The Queen of Hearts Croquet – Noon and 2:00PM.
The Queen's Court Costume Contest – 2:30 p.m.
3 O'Clock Fun Contests – Hula Hoop, Sack Races, Hedgehog Hurling, Tea Cup Relays, Steam Chicken/Punk Fish Relays, The Lobster Quadrille, Best Animal Noise Contests and so much more
The Queen's Court Mascot Meet and Greet – 4:00PM
The Queen's Court Mascot Parade – 4:30PM

NEW! Meet the Maker – Visit this this new area that features steam-inspired pieces and the artist behind the creation:
Robot Resurrection is a 30-foot, human-piloted sculpture made from 95 percent airplane parts, with featured fire effects. Daily demonstrations with the maker take place June 22-July 4.
The Aquatrope is a self-powered and electric pedal-assisted mobile art sculpture on display June 8-12.
The Evotrope is inspired by 19th-century early-animation contractions. It's a large Steampunk-inspired unicycle here June 15-19.
The Cupcake is a fun mobile cooperative, art-car project, created to inspire others. On display June 8-19.
The Electriquette – In 1915, small wicker carts powered by electric motors were the talk of the town. They have been re-created and will be on display and strolling around Family Funville throughout the run of the Fair.
Alice the Wonderchair, Smokey the Spinning Owl, Sandy the Flying Owl and Dips and Bumps are interactive creations by local sculptor Kim Ogburn on display throughout the Fair.
AR-Duo is a moving, interactive, tele-presence robot here the first two weekends of the Fair: June 3-5 and June 11-12. It was designed to allow people to experience what being at a Maker Fair is like.



Favorite Family Funville Activities

Fiesta VillageFiesta Village — This attraction offers Latin-themed fun for all ages, including dancing, musical performances, crafts, contests and more. Try authentic Mexican food and treats, and get your picture taken in front of our 160-foot-long mural! Artisan crafters from Mexico and Central America will show you how they make their unique items. Take a trip south of the border right here at the Fair!

Kids Zone — More than 40 rides sized just for toddlers and young children. Find out more on the Rides & Games page. Kids Zone opens at noon (11:00AM Saturdays and Sundays), and closes at 10:00PM (11:00PM Fridays and Saturdays).

Albertsons | Vons Funville Stage — This stage has great entertainment all day long by community groups performing a variety of dances, plus martial arts, singers and more.

Fiesta Stage — Fun and funny shows happen all day, every day on this stage.

ChevyThe Wild West Turkey Stampede — Several times daily. The Wild West Turkey Stampede is a fun and educational show that will make you laugh as lots of turkeys tear around a pint-sized arena trying to catch Big Red, a remote control trick truck towing turkey treats. Don't miss this industry award-winning show and Fair fan hit!

sack raceFamily Fun Contests — Contests every day where you and your family can make great memories and win a blue ribbon. Contests include Sack Races, Three-Legged Races, Horseshoe Toss, and Three O'Clock Fun (at 3:00PM, of course). See the One-Day Contests page for more information.

Contests at The Farm at Family Funville — Families also will have fun entering the contests at The Farm. Daily contests you can enter on the spot include Watermelon Seed Spitting Contest, Worm Races and Corn Husking Contest.

If you are a master vegetable grower, pick your best and enter one of our produce contests. Some of these require pre-registration; others do not.
Entry information on produce contests